If you are a Junior primarily interested in an intense, rigorous, Policy-Oriented and/or Flex Experience look no further.

Justin Green, Head Coach at Wake Forest, will lead this lab with Becca Steiner, and Jack Manchester.  Becca and Jack are known as individuals who work tirelessly to make sure that evidence production is of top-notch.  Justin will lead the effort to ensure that debaters understand both the basics and finer points of the flow (not the speech docs). The heavy presence of cameo appearance lab leaders (Seth Gannon and Ken Strange).

This lab will have a very heavy emphasis on improving speaking abilities.  Former TOC top-speaker, Rayvon Dean, will also assist with the lab.  Rather than rushing to produce as many files as possible, the focus will be upon teaching debaters what a tournament winning file looks like.

Because of inter-lab debates and camp-wide lectures, unlike other institutes, debaters will interact with many who engage in different styles than policy debates.

What's the difference between a policy debater losing in the octos and winning the tournament?  The winner knows how to prepare great arguments and speak well against all types of arguments, even if they do policy debate very, very well.

Like the senior lab, the students will produce one SIGNATURE FILE.  This will be there work alone.

Ample practice debates as well as interlab debates between the RKS Seniors and Race Kritikal Scholars will happen, culminating in a camp wide tournament.  Those who come as Juniors are given preference for the Senior lab the following year.

Don't just take our word for it, check out what people said last year!


DATES: June 17-July 29th -

COST: $5990

APPLY NOW BEFORE YOUR SPOT IS TAKEN! - On January 6th we will admit our first wave of applicants.