What 2017 Attendees Say...

"Great, amazing and life changing." - Kevin Cheng

"Fun, thought-provoking. Experienced a lot of new perspectives and had a great time." - Justin Hsu

"Wake was simultaneously the most fun and rewarding camp I have attended throughout all of high school. The learning experience was extremely authentic with signature files and personalized feedback after a whopping 28 practice debates (excluding the tournament). With the help of the specific lectures at Wake, I could recognize and target areas to improve upon over the course of camp, and more importantly utilize those improvements during practice debates. I have no regrets about choosing Wake and would strongly recommend it to others." - Anthony Nguyen

What 2016 Attendees Say...

"DB and Charles were very helpful for pushing me to keep working and never being satisfied with the work I did in the past.  If you are ready to push yourself to the next level while also meeting people that will change your relationship to debate for the better, then come to Wake." - Nevan Edwards

"You go to some debate camps to have fun and learn a little bit, you go to others, sacrifice your summer, and cut stacks of cards. Or you go to Wake and somehow do both. - Louis Shulman    

" I learned so much! Choosing this camp was one of the best decisions I've made. All of the lab leaders were super helpful and willing to answer questions, even if you weren't in their lab. The huge number of debates made it possible to try out new arguments and get a ton of feedback." - Katie Wimsatt                             

"The best camp experience I've had through all of high school!!  Specifically, in comparison to "others", the culture at wake was so much better on all fronts (no big-school snobbery... lab leaders who cared about everyone.. "staff showed up ready to teach in the morning"..)!! I feel like I learned more in 5 weeks than I did in 7... also, Wake made me fall in love with debate again." - Jessica Dai
(quotes above indicate modification to avoid naming a particular program and particular practices)   

"In the weeks I spent at RKS, I improved more than I ever thought I could. Not only that, my entire perspective on debate changed, which is going to change how I approach each round this coming season- and I don't think that's something you can say leaving most other debate camps. All of my lab leaders were amazing, and were always there to watch redos or answer questions about research. The experience was very individualized, and allowed for the most opportunities to improve. To top it all off, I made some great friends and great memories. I loved every moment I spent on Wake's campus- I really couldn't imagine spending my summer anywhere else. 
Sam Franz    I found Calum and Jarrod helpful because of their experience in debate.  One of the most intense and informative workshops in the country. If you are looking for the best, this is the place to go. The small student to staff ratio means that each student improves multitudes." - Emily Tomchin    

"One of many in a large selection of prestigious summer debate programs, the RKS workshop easily distinguishes itself. The individualized attention from members of a staff characterized by incredible competitive and coaching success is truly unmatched. RKS is clearly and invariably on the right side of the sometimes thin line between education and indoctrination. A diversity of firmly held perspectives on some of the most important controversies in debate helped me come to new conclusions about myself and my relationship with the activity. At no other camp have I felt so inspired and respected and I firmly believe that anyone can thrive at RKS -- in an environment that is at once agonistic, considerate, and so very pleasant." - Ruth Zheng