This is where Wake Forest University will disclose evidence read at the 2019 NDT. We do not authorize and very strongly discourage any commercial service from using this content for commercial gain even if modified to include additional markers. We plan on uploading the evidence as quickly as possible after each concluding debate. If you feel anything is missing and are interested in scouting information, please contact Justin Green at

ROUND 1 - Georgetown BP Aff v Wake EF Neg - Neg cards

ROUND 2 - Wake EF Aff v UCO CM (Set Col) Neg - Aff cards

ROUND 3 - Wake EF Aff v Emory GS (Capitalism) Neg - Aff cards

ROUND 4 - Michigan GW Aff (Korematsu) v Wake EF Neg - Neg Cards

ROUND 5 - Emory CM (Auer-Growth Good) v Wake EF Neg - Neg Cards