What Makes the RKS Senior 6 so special?

We believe that we have hired not only great minds, but great debate educators and that our lab sizes will ensure that each debater will receive the individual attention they deserve.  We care about the person first, the debater second.  28 students will get to work with Jarrod Atchison, Natalie Bennie, Calum Matheson, Corinne Sugino; it could be you!

Practice doing it, don't just talk about it

We want students to be better speakers when they leave.  There will be a heavy emphasis placed upon practice!  Rebuttal redoes, practice debates, mini debates, and drills that don't involve just reading will all be integrated.  Every time a student learns a new concept, they will practice it.  Unlike other workshops, when practice debates are scheduled very few, if any, debaters will have byes.  We have made sure to hire enough quality instructors to allow for both frequent practice and quality feedback.

Know Who you are working with

You will apply directly to one of our three distinct labs so there is no possibility for disappointment upon arrival. You will find out if you are admitted by March 1 to allow you plenty of time to consider your other options. This will also allow our lab leaders to engage with you in the weeks
leading up to the workshop, extending the workshop experience well beyond the five weeks you are at Wake Forest.  We know that a workshop is a big commitment in terms of time, money, and effort; we want students to know who they are working with well ahead of time.

Signature Files

Each student will work to produce their own signature file. Rather than rush through a multitude of research assignments that simply aim to collect the best evidence around, we will push students from start to finish through multiple drafts and subsequent mini-assignments so that they learn the process of file construction not merely a product. The students in last year's senior lab overwhelmingly found this process both self-fulfilling and immensely helpful and becoming the best debater they can

A Big tent approach

When the year starts, debaters will have to face opponents who use all different styles of arguments.  We know from experience at Wake Forest that the summer is the best time to learn the widest possible variety of arguments.  If you only debate one style of argument over the summer, you will be forced to learn in the middle of a debate.  Instead, come to the RKS and practice debating all styles.

Don't Take Our word for it!

We are serious.  Our best advertisements are the people who grew last year at the RKS.  Ask someone who attended last year.  You can also read their thoughts here.


Review of Applications will start January 5th.

DATES: 6/17-7/29/2018