Lead Faculty

Jarrod Atchison


Director of Debate at Wake Forest, Dr. Jarrod Atchison is well respected both for his argument acumen and his emphatic insistence on helping students become better debaters and people. After spending several years as an instructor in the top senior lab at Michigan, Jarrod is focused on building a great workshop experience at Wake Forest. He coached a Copeland Winner and NDT First Rounds for the past 7 years. Many don't know he also was an extremely successful debater: top seed at the NDT, Copeland runner-up, and third speaker at the NDT. In high school he won the Greenhill and Harvard Round Robins. Jarrod has judged the final round of the National Debate Tournament 3 times. Both at the high school and college level, regardless of argument choice, Jarrod consistently finds himself at the top of the pref sheets.

Natalie Bennie


Natalie coaches it all very well. Her strong academic resume combined with her experience as a teacher and love for debate make her extremely popular among both Wake debaters and summer attendees alike. After starting college as a pure novice, she was a member of the first all-female team from Samford to qualify for the National Debate Tournament. She was a three-time CEDA All-American and a member of the 2015 U.S. National Debate Team. Bennie was a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist and earned a prestigious Fulbright teaching award. Students in her classes have been enamored with her lectures on feminisms, debaters have appreciated her research and speech redo assistance on everything from politics to the confidence to effectively debate performance theory.

Calum Matheson

Currently the Director of Debate at the University of Pittshburgh, Dr. Calum Matheson, has a long history of working with and forming great debaters. He won the Acolyte Award in 2008, attended the NDT 3 times with first-round bids, and reached the semi-finals twice and the quarter-finals once. He's coached NDT top speaker, first round teams, TOC finalist, and Baker Award winner. In 2017, he coached the TOC Champions! He was voted top 10 debater and top 5 judge of the decade. Whether it be a new tricky counterplan, a creative aff idea, or the newest critical literature, Calum not only knows how to inspire students, but also knows how to execute.

Corinne Sugino


After a very successful career at Wake Forest, Corinne is curremtly studying towards her PhD and coaching Debate at Pittsburgh. In High school she was a successful policy-oriented debater from Rowland Hall. Her first year, she reached thde out-rounds of National tournaments arguing in favor of a traditional policy approach. Her sophomore year, she was the 2nd speaker at CEDA, won the Weber Round Robin and was in the out-rounds of Georgia State, Harvard, USC, and Fullerton arguing around the intersections of oppression that inform and form colonialism (racism, sexism, classism, etc). As a junior she was in the quarterfinals of the NDT, won Texas, and finished 5th overall in the country. As a senior she was 8-0 and the top seed at the NDT finishing in the semifinals. She wasn't the best when she arrived at Wake Forest, but because she learned through hard work, she has a great deal to teach any student.

Additional Lecturers

(These teachers will be at the workshop.  They will offer camp-wide lectures and offer the opportunity for small group interaction.)

Darryl Burch


Policy debate veteran, mentor, and academic leader are just a few ways we define Daryl Burch. Considered by many to be the godfathers of Critical Race arguments in debate; he read Derrick Bell before Frank Wilderson was in grad school, his teams several years later won top speaker honors while coaching at Louisville. While he has an expertise in a set of literature, Daryl has a passion for making all students better speakers, thinkers, and arguers. Daryl has lead countless teams to success at national tournaments. Previously he coached in college at Michigan state, Emory University, and Towson University camps leading teams to success in the final rounds of a variety of national competitions. Daryl’s impressive educational background and his passion for helping students make him the perfect instructor for debaters of all levels. Most recently, his team won the 2017 Tournament of Champions.

Justin Green

Justin has 26 years involved in competitive debate, two degrees in secondary education, and is now head coach at Wake Forest. He is excited to once again spend 6 weeks with students on the Wake Campus teaching debate. Whether a team wants to defend hegemony, afro-pessimism, trans rage, or a small arguably topical policy affirmative, Justin has coached them all, successfully. He's a true "flex" coach who dives in the trenches whether it's the final round of the CEDA National Championships, deep elims at the NDT, or a rebuttal redo in Carswell Hall 405. Justin specializes in making debaters better at what they do best; he has coached CEDA National Champions, many NDT First Rounds, and top-5 speakers at National Tournaments. While teaching High school he coached Texas State Champions. While debating he finished 1st and 2nd at the Kentucky Round-Robin was 2nd at NFLs and a Texas State Champion. Justin was selected to judge the final round of the 2004 NDT and 2012 CEDA National Championships.


Dr. Shanara Reid-Brinkley

Dr. Reid-Brinkley has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses that cover critical theories, rhetoric of public policy and advocacy, social identity theory, with a specialization in African American history, theory, and culture. She is a national award winner for her published work on critical theory, black feminist theory, gender, and hip hop culture. Her dissertation work, completed at the University of Georgia, engaged in an in-depth analysis of non-traditional debate practices. Students in high school and college have cited Dr. Reid-Brinkley’s work in debate competition and she has become a recognized scholar in this field of research. Dr. Reid-Brinkley was a nationally successful debater in the mid-1990’s from the debate powerhouse at Emory University.

WAKE DEBATE Junior instructors and Dorm Staff

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