RKS Options

APPLY NOW BEFORE YOUR SPOT IS TAKEN! - On January 15th we will admit our first wave of applicants. 

6 Week Option

Come for the full 6 Weeks (June 16-July 28)! $5990 - Includes two 1-week sessions in a small seminar setting + extra practice.  Get ample 1 on 1 time with our four lead instructors.  Get a jump start, give it all you got!

5 Week Option

5 Weeks: (June 23-July 28): $5150 - Includes a 1-week session very small group learning, extra practice.  Plus 4 Week session.

4 Week Option

4 Weeks: (June 30-July 28): $4300 - Signature files, learn from the best.  Tournament Experience!


We can work with students and families if you are available for part of the time. The cost is approximately $1100 per week. Email us directly to discuss.