Race Kritikal Scholars

Learn how to read, think, compare, understand, analyze and so much more from the best on the subject of Race in debate: 

Dr. Shanara Reid-Brinkley and Mr. Daryl Burch.

Your mind, heart, and soul will get exercise every day.

Wake Forest is extremely honored to be able to have two amazing debate teachers lead the Race Kritical Scholars lab this summer at Wake Forest.  We can think of no two people who have a longer or more successful track-record of critical race debate pedagogy.  Together the accolades both from teams they coached and from the debaters they coached who turned out to be national champions are too many to be counted.

So many critical debates are won with a combination of great evidence, great execution, and great individual theorizing by the speaker.  Students will intially spend the bulk of their time engaging and discussing critical readings with two phenomenal teachers.  A heavy emphasis will be on reading and understanding theory.  The students here will have great cards, but the real work is done in working with great instructors.

Critical Race Scholarship of many varieties will be explored and welcomed.  Some can be fit into academically neat lables: Futurists, Pessimists, Optimists, Feminists, Womanists, Trans pessimists, Coloniality, De-Coloniality, Deleuzians, etc.  Other pieces are timeless like Aint I a Woman? or "Still I Rise".  There is always new critical theory on the horizon to discover and make.

Bonus Instruction: Charles Athanasopolous and Corinne Sugino who were ranked #5 in the country as a Sophomore and a Junior for Wake Forest in 2016 will be around to offer assistance on block-writing in the evenings.  Rayvon Dean, former top-speaker of the TOC and top-speaker of the 2017 Georgia State Tournament will assist as well. Jarrod Atchison, Calum Matheson, Natalie Bennie and Justin Green will also be offering a spot lectures and be available for feedback.  

Powerful truths in evidence without great speakers are merely lonely ideas.  There will be an end of the workshop tournament against all of the labs.  Expect a great deal of communication on a daily basis.  Learn how to read and think critical literature, learn how to win!

While this lab is in a newer form, please check out what attendees of the workshop last year said:


Come for 4, 5 or 6 weeks!  

6 Weeks (June 17-July 29): $5990 - Includes two 1-week sessions in a small seminar setting + extra practice.  Get ample 1 on 1 time with our two major instructors.  Plus 4 Week session

5 Weeks: (June 24-July 29): $5150 - Includes a 1-week session very small group learning, extra practice.  Plus 4 Week session.

4 Weeks: (July 1-July 29): $4300 - Signature files, learn from the best.  Tournament Experience!

APPLY NOW BEFORE YOUR SPOT IS TAKEN! - On January 6th we will admit our first wave of applicants.