Dorm Supervisor

Sammi Rippetoe

Sammi Rippetoe will return for her second year running the dormatories at Wake Forest and working with the Seniors on speaking and judging. She wa a very successful debater and Residence Life Manager at Humboldt State University. Sammi is on track to finish her Masters degree in Communication Studies this Spring before heading to PhD school. She has judged at the collegiate level for the past two years in deep elims. Sammi is also trained to deal with emergency situations in the dorms. Care for the student, while having fun learning....her smile and knowledge are infectuous.


RA Staff/Judges

(Preliminary Line-Up - More to be added as needed.)

Wake Forest Debaters will be present and assisting in addition to others. Stay tuned for a full RA/Junior Staff/Judges line-up.