Our full line-up of special appearances is still being determined.  In addition to the great minds working full time, we are looking to add additional guest lecturers.

Brad bolman


A burgeouing scholar, technically skilled debater and well-respected critic, many consider Brad one of the top critical minds in debate. In Spring of 2015, Brad wrapped up a very successful collegiate career winning several national tournaments and finishing 2nd overall in the Copeland Race. Known for also having incredible efficiency, Brad has been an incredibly high ranked critic at the collegiate level partly because of his ability to have both the knowledge of how to debate and knowledge of the material. As a senior he won the Hoopes Prize for outstanding Senior Thesis: “The Pigs That Therefore We Are: 20th-Century Porcine Biomedical Experimentation". He has already presented at 5 conferences and written on subjects across social theory, continental philosophy, object oriented ontology, and on the sociology of technology. Brad will join the camp for a week or so stopping by each of the labs.


The 2N Wake DL, the debate famous feminists, Maddie is currently in her 2nd year of graduate school at Wake Forest. Although a policy debater by training from West H.S. in Salt Lake City, Maddie has achieved great success utilizing arguments oriented around a wide variety of feminist scholarship. During her senior year at Wake, she and her partner never dipped below top-25 in the country and made it to the top-10 several times. She has reached the out-rounds at all tournaments she has attended. Maddie spent last Summer at the Wake Forest and Gonzaga Workshops with rave reviews. Maddie didn't come into Wake debate as a superstar, but learned debate through consistent effort and perseverance. She also travels the high school national circuit with Juan Diegio. That's what makes her so unique, she can teach you the steps to get better every single day.

Ken Strange

Eight NDT finalists, three NDT champions.  If there was a Hall of Fame for college debate coaches, he would be a unanimous first-ballot inductee.  A former Director of Debate at Dartmouth and Augustana Colleges, he is now a member of the coaching staff at Wake Forest.  For almost 30 straight years Ken had at least one first round at-large team to the NDT, including five Copeland Award winners, and had teams winning at least one elimination round at the NDT.  He is still one of the hardest working debate coaches around.  On any given weekday between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM, you are likely to find him sitting at a computer cutting cards or listening to a speech from a Wake Forest Debater.


Kevin Whitley

A Baltimore Urban Debate League and Kentucky Fellow Alum and all-round sucessful high school debater arguing black feminism. In college he was the 2015 CEDA Champion and NDT First-Round recipient. He has coached for Stanford and Liberty in addition to assisting Baltimore City College. He has served on the staff at BUDL and Edie Conway Liberation Institute. He is on target to graduate with his Masters degree from Wake Forest in 2018 and is currently coaching a top 10 Collegiate team.