Dates: July 21-July 28th, 2019

Formerly called the EARLYBIRD.  This one-week skills workshop brings competitors and critics together in a one week intensive camp in the format of POLICY DEBATE. The focus of this week is built around skills and consistent practice. The evidence for the debates will be produced by the national champion Wake Forest University Debate Team and distributed in advance so the workshop can focus on in-round performance.  

TRACK 1 - Advanced Tournament Preparation - For students who have several years of experience, we recommend this track. You will come and join a preparation group of other RKS debaters who have already been here. Spend the time strategizing with an experienced lab leader of the RKS and junior faculty as well over specific cases. Tired of just Pessimism, Cap or Framework and case as your neg strategies, but can’t come for a longer workshop. Then, come and get good at the specifics.You spend 3.5 days writing blocks and working with a partner. Followed up by the 3 day camp tournament.

TRACK 2 - Skills Building - Come for a week and work with others who are in their first and second year of learning debate. Those with no experience in policy debate, but want to attend competitions in the future are encouraged to apply.

Some of the features include:

  • Focus on developing championship debate skills.

  • Spend a week on the lovely Wake Forest campus (opportunities for tours and undergraduate admission tips shared).

  • Evening chat sessions with brilliant minds. Learn in a relaxed environment.

  • Starts early so students can get a jump before they go to other camps.

  • Also great for TOC-level LD and PF debaters looking to improve their line-by-line and flowing skills.

  • Get the basics down (topic lecture, foundations of argument and individual electives)

  • No card cutting/research time. Just focus upon skill development!

  • If desired, students will have the opportunity to debate against Wake Forest college debaters. PURELY OPTIONAL, but many students have found this experience to be one of the most challenging and rewarding of their preparation efforts.

Those with no desire to attend competitions in the future, should consider the Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program.