THE DASH DEBATES - 1 Week Commuter Camp

Dates: June 26-30, 2017

Drop Off: 8 AM-8:30 AM

Pick-up: 5-5:30 PM

Cost: $300 (lunch Included)

Talk, Learn, Read, Think, DO!!!!

We invite you to join us for a week of debate education through ACTION.  Students will spend each day researching, thinking, asking, and most importantly DEBATING.  This is not the place where lectures take hours and students are expected to simply take notes all day.  Our sessions are ACTION PACKED.  Our hope is to inspire passionate students to be better students, debaters, and leaders upon departure.

Learn on a College Campus with Small Groups

The students will be paired with younger collegiate instructors.  This will expose students to what it is like to be in small, seminar style classrooms.  With frequent breaks and intense student discussion, we hope to provide students with a little glimpse of what college life can be like.

Speaking and Advocacy Skills

No matter one's path in life learning to make choices quickly and defending those choices is a valuable skill.  Need to get a job, buy a car, determine which college to go to, figure out how to make money, no matter the task - better advocacy skills and speaking skills can help.

A History of Debate Success

Wake Forest Debate started in 1835.  Edwin O. Wilson said "before we were writing or thinking, we at Wake Forest were arguing and speaking."  With 3 Professors on campus who exclusively specialize in debate, Wake Forest is known around the country for not only it's educational programs in debate, but also competitive successes.   In recent years, we have collected 3 National Debate Tournament Championships and 3 American Debate Association Championships.