Dorm Supervisor

Sammi Rippetoe

Sammi Rippetoe will return for her second year running the dormatories at Wake Forest and working with the Seniors on speaking and judging. She wa a very successful debater and Residence Life Manager at Humboldt State University. Sammi is on track to finish her Masters degree in Communication Studies this Spring before heading to PhD school. She has judged at the collegiate level for the past two years in deep elims. Sammi is also trained to deal with emergency situations in the dorms. Care for the student, while having fun learning....her smile and knowledge are infectuous.


RA Staff/Judges

(Preliminary Line-Up - More to be added as needed.)


Rain, sleet, or snow, this burgeoning scholar reads, thinks, and eats around the central question of how to make the world a better place. This hard work has paid off, he has worked himself into one of the best speakers in the country as a sophomore. As a first year, Charles was the 5th Speaker at CEDA Nationals, as a sophomore at Geogia State he was the top speaker at the largest national tournament to open the year, as a Junior he was top speaker at Wake Forest. Charles will primarilty work with the rKs DB/DSRB lab. 5th overall in the country as a team his sophomore year!!! This speaking success happens not only because of the great number of practice speeches, but also because he consumes books at a rate unheard of for a sophomore in college. Charles is not bound to one pedagogy, he was trained in traditional policy debate and shares a squad room with a multitude of different voices and approaches to debate; Charles appreciates hard work from any young debater. He foremerly worked at the Eddie Conway Liberation Institute, the New York Collective, and as a research assistant at Fishman & Decea Attorneys at Law.


A former Top-Speaker at the TOC and a NAUDL Debater of the Year in 2014, Rayvon combines a very positive attitude with argument accumen and great knowledge on sounding good. He received overwhelmingly positive reviews at last year's Earliestbird workshop, more evidence that Rayvon is the truth. While specializing in critical race research over his senior year and first year of college, his sophomore year at Wake Forest he has also prepared and successfully written arguments from Baudrilliard to Framework to colonialism and to an aff that defends the USFG should stop taking particular actions. Last year he worked at Georgetown, Stanford and Wake Forest Institutes, we are glad that he will be back with us bringing his knowledge, passion and fun-loving spirit.

Faith Geraghty

Faith, now a first year at Wake Forest, had a very successful career at Niles West. She reached deep elimination rounds with more total TOC bids in her career than you can count on your fingers. Her senior year, she was in the quarterfinals of the TOC. An unabashed lover of traditional policy debate, Faith plans to "cut all the cards!" and teach debaters how to be loud, clear, and fast!




Every coach and every debater wishes they had a Ned Gidley on their team. His infectuously positive energy for debate and life has no anecdote. He makes everyone around him want to laugh, be better as a person, and work harder as a debater. For two consecutive summers he has not missed a day of lab with the the Seniors. Don't believe us, ask anyone who attended to say a negative word about Ned, we don't think you can. Between summer workshop and the season he has judged countless high school debates. The way that he starts off every decision telling the debaters what they each did well, before offering any constructive feedback, makes the debaters not only gain knowledge, but want to do debate more. We cannot be more excited to have a Wake Forest's tireless policy card-cutter who brings the spirit of positive debate ethos join us this summer.


Jack Manchester cuts cards, a lot of policy cards, stacks and stacks of cards. The best part about it, he loves teaching others how to do it. A junior at Wake Forest who formerly debated for New Trier, has been extremely competitive at the high school and collegiate level, his contributions measure far beyond his individual successes. Although his specialty is cutting policy cards, he has had a fair degree of success defending policy arguments against critical negatives. An extremely patient person by nature, Jack extensively travels the high school circuit. At the Earlybird, he was one of the more highly-preferred critics. He takes learning debate seriously, but always makes sure there is a smile on the students face.


After a successful high school career at San Dieguito Academy, Kate's first year at Wake Forest has brought her immense praise from her coaches. With an eternally positive demanor and a hard-working card-cutting attitude, she has found her love for policy-oriented debate to be stronger than ever. As someone who did not have much in-the-trenches high school coaching, Kate knows and appreciates the opportunity to work with mentors over the Summer. Her patience and energy are unrivaled. For you sports junkies out there, I wouldn't challenge her on her views, her weekly sports podcast shows some valuabe portable skills at work.


Corinne is curremtly a very successful Junior at Wake Forest. In High school she was a successful policy-oriented debater from Rowland Hall. Her first year, she reached thde out-rounds of National tournaments arguing in favor of a traditional policy approach. Her sophomore year, she was the 2nd speaker at CEDA, won the Weber Round Robin and was in the out-rounds of Georgia State, Harvard, USC, and Fullerton arguing around the intersections of oppression that inform and form colonialism (racism, sexism, classism, etc). As a junior she has already finished in the Semifinals of Georgia State and was the 2nd speaker at the tournament as well. She wasn't the best when she arrived at Wake Forest, but because she learned through hard work, she has a great deal to teach any student.

Darrin (Dj) Williams

DJ is completing his first year at Wake Forest after a very successful high school career at Little Rock Central. He was in Finals of the TOC and Glenbrooks, finished 2nd in the Baker Race, and won the St Marks and UMich tournaments. He and his first year partner Nate Nys are ranked in the top 50 in the country according to the Regnier rankings. With winning records at all of the National Tournaments, success in the classroom, and several top 5 speaker awards, he's off to a great start. Before his senior year in high school he was in the senior lab with Jarrod and Calum.